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Quilt Dots Magnets and Jewelry > Collections
Please note that these dots in collections are not Needle Nannies. Needle Nannies can be purchased individually.
Quilt Dots can be purchased in collections of 3 or 9. These are regular Quilt Dot magnets that can be interchanged in the jewelry, or just used as a magnet. PLEASE NOTE: A similar substitution may be made if the exact dot is no longer available. The substitution will be similar in color/style.
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Ahoy! Collection (Set of 9)


Red Letter Collection (Set of 9)


Fun Lovin' Collection (Set of 3)


Sail Away Collection (Set of 3)


Black Collection (Set of 3)


Charming Collection (Set of 3)


Floral Fun Collection (Set of 3)


Red Riot Collection (Set of 3)