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Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock

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Jodie Davis, author and host of Quilt Out Loud! and Quilt it with Mark Lipinski, has designed a cuckoo clock for quilters!

Hand made in the heart of the Black Forest by Schneider Cuckoo Clock Company, this limited edition quilt shop cuckoo clock is created by skilled craftspeople, with some of the stages of manufacture taking place in their homes as has been the tradition for over a hundred of years. Like every cuckoo clock, on the hour and half hour the cuckoo emerges to proclaim the time. But on this clock the cuckoo precipitates a chain of actions. The quilter’s arm moves to rotary cut the fabric painted on the table, the kitty jumps up and down on a stack of fabric bolts and a chimney sweep pops out of the chimney. Measures 10″ W x 12″ T x 6.5″ D minus pendulum and weights

Quilt Shop Cuckoo ClockClick here to purchase your own Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock! (It will take you to Jodie's website)