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Quilt Skits

Welcome to my video page. Here you will find silly quilt skits. (My kids started making a quilt skit spoof every year for our annual family retreat a few years ago. They like to make fun of our obsession with all things quilting.) Hope you enjoy the show!

SKITS -- To be viewed only if you are in a very silly mood.

  • Quilt Skit A: 2009 This one has no titles, but includes scenes from The Princess Bride, Jurassic Park, and Ben Hur
  • Quilt Skit B: 2008 This is scenes from Indiana Jones, Karate Kid, and some infomercials
  • Quilt Skit C: 2010 This is scenes from The Sound of Music, and an adaption of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
  • Quilt Skit 2011: "My Best Friend"
  • Twi Quilt-light (2011)
  • Ghost Quilt Busters (2011)